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Be equitable

A vision I am giving birth to,

A creation that’s emerging from the core of my being,

A message that reminded me of who I am,

And will remind us of the absolute perfection of who we are just as we are,

With no judgment,

With no biases,

With no fear.

For this work to be born, I had to be reborn, and I did, I carried many wounds, judgements, biases, and many scars, I allowed them to be, exposed them, let them be as hard as they might be so I can be healed and be born anew.

B-equitable is an invitation for you to be consciously more inclusive and equitable.

“There is no inclusion if you don’t have diversity!”

Mary-Francis Winters

Usually in conservative communities, the main approach towards identifying others is through the traditional lens of:


It is the assumption that individuals share common characteristics or experiences more than they differ or diverse..
Diversity is overlooked and as a result,
Inclusion is not there!
Not in the language,
Not in the thoughts,
Not in the practices…

I looked around and rarely if ever found a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work in Arab Communities.
So, I dedicate this space to create change..
I dedicate my work and expertise to assist organizations and individuals create more inclusive environments.