50 Micro-inclusive acts you can practice daily!

   Inclusion is not just confined to policies and procedures in the workspaces. Inclusion is an everyday act we can all practice and do. Here are 50 Micro-inclusive acts you can try today!

  1. Smile.
  2. Greet people authentically.
  3. Listen Actively and Genuinely.
  4. Introduce yourself.
  5. Introduce your pronouns.
  6. Ask for the proper pronouns.
  7. Make the effort to pronounce names correctly!
  8. Connect with someone who is different from you.
  9. Observe the demographic difference around you.
  10. Acknowledge different cultural holidays and celebrate them if you can!
  11. Give compliments.
  12. Show gratitude and thanks.
  13. Pay attention when someone is talking.
  14. Put your phone away during a meeting.
  15. Don’t force an introvert to speak.
  16. Yet, show your interest and appreciation when they speak.
  17. Offer various ways of receiving feedback.
  18. Call out on exclusionary behaviors.
  19. Don’t humiliate when you call out non-inclusive behaviors.
  20. Empathize.
  21. When you lead, offer options!
  22. Ask about people’s preferences.
  23. Embrace different ways of working.
  24. Bear in mind religious or cultural restrictions on certain activities for some.
  25. Thank that person who shared a different view than the norms.
  26. Invite the quiet ones to the group if they like.
  27. Make eye contact and nod to encourage those who are hesitant to speak.
  28. Speak up about diversity and inclusion.
  29. Observe how your space (work-home) might be restricting access to some.
  30. Change that!
  31. Learn some basic visual cues to support visually impaired or deaf.
  32. Learn sign language.
  33. Teach it to your kids.
  34. Give up your seat for someone who seems to need it.
  35. Hold the door open to the person coming behind you.
  36. Stop yourself from judging others. Everyone has their whys.
  37. Treat everyone with a little more kindness and patience.
  38. Support minority groups charities.
  39. Regularly reflect about how inclusively you are behaving
  40. Appreciate and respect people from diverse cultures and backgrounds
  41. Appreciate and respect those who have a different style and approach to yours
  42. Intentionally seek out insights from people who may not look like you.
  43. If you have a strong reaction to someone, ask yourself why.
  44. Don’t use jokes that stereotype others.
  45. Be an advocate!
  46. Use caption description in your online input.
  47. Don’t wear strong perfumes.
  48. Believe that People are created Equal; but not the same.
  49. Report excluding and restricting policies and practices. 
  50. When in doubt, ask people the best way they prefer to be called and treated.  

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