Inclusive Business Auditing

This is a comprehensive audit for your business regarding its diversity and inclusion. We will audit your business and give you a fresh look at your business from a diversity and inclusion lens. You will receive:

  • A detailed report explaining the level of inclusion at your business/organization
  • Analysis  of the overall diversity and inclusion through the B-equitable framework: PDPM
  • General recommendations to improve your business performance to become more inclusive

 Report is usually sent within 3 working days.

One-on-One Consultation

This is a one-on-one consultation for any concern related to diversity, equity, inclusion, racism, harassment, discrimination or any related issue. You can ask a question about an issue you are facing at work weather related to your employees, clients, or colleagues around inclusion, belonging, work environment and how to transform it into a an inclusive one.
Some examples of questions you may ask:

  1. I realize there is a recurrent bullying/harassments in my workplace, what can I do?
  2. There is no real gender diversity on the leadership position, how can we improve that?
  3. I have always been bullied and faced racism, how can I overcome that?

This consultation takes place through a voice call.

Strategic Consultation

Do you want to review your companies’ strategic plan and integrate diversity and inclusion?

Are you looking for an expert to help you in creating, assessing, developing diversity and inclusion in your business?

This consultation is for you!

This is a series of meetings where we will discuss, inspect and develop:

  • A report containing a comprehensive review for your business regarding its diversity and inclusion, the level of inclusion at your business/organization
  • A plan to develop diversity and inclusion at your organization/business
  • An assessment of the level of diversity and inclusion
  • Follow up sessions with the plan

Price to be determined according to the needed sessions


Frequently Asked Question

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