A Saudi consultancy specializing in diversity, equity and inclusion assisting leaders in transforming their workplaces to be more inclusive and equitable, serving companies and individuals in both Arabic and English

Our Services

Diversity & Inclusion Analysis

“If you can’t measure it. you can’t manage it!”

We offer various measurements and comprehensive analysis that will allow companies to track and monitor their performance over time..

Diversity & Inclusion Courses

 Because knowledge is power, we offer different courses and workshop sessions that will empower you to learn all about diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias, anti-racism, and much more!

Diversity & Inclusion Consultation

Do you face some issues related to bias, racism or harassments? Do you face some challenges at work related to your employees, clients, or colleagues around inclusion, belonging, work environment ? Do you want some advice on how to integrate diversity and inclusion at your work or community?

Why B-Equitable?

  • Qualitative + Quantitative Analysis
  • Serving in English + Arabic
  • Internal understanding of the Arab culture
  • The B-equitable analytical framework: PDPM™ can’t be found elsewhere
  • Reasonable prices
  • Inclusive solutions to companies + individuals

How we can help

Your Company

  • Diversity Analysis
  • Inclusion Competencies Assessment
  • Integrating Diversity & inclusion in the strategic plan
  • Leadership pipeline Analysis
  • Employees’ Sense of Belonging Assessment
  • Employees’ Psychological Safety Assessment
  • Workplace Inclusion Diagnostic

Clients Experience

‘Inclusive Audit Report’

“The Inclusive Audit Report was great! It brought diversity and inclusivity onto our radar where we had never really discussed it in detail before. It was great to know we “passed” the assessment, but it’s also become something we now bear in mind as we go!”

Christey West,

co-founder, Just Peoples

Embracing diversity and inclusion acts into your business plan and policies is not a luxury, It is a duty!

An inclusive work environment ensures;

Satisfied employees

Safer work environment

Increased productivity

Increased revenues

Clients Experience

‘One-on-One Consultation’

“What an amazing session we did today. Bayan clarified most of hidden things and I felt great when finished! Bayan is very friendly and an excellent listener. I said everything in my heart like I was talking to myself! Thank you so much.”

Reham Ibnouf,