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Bayan Qutub
Certified Diversity Professional CDP®,
B-Equitable Founder

Inside each one of us are diverse realms and multiple identities that intersect to create an identity and soul called “me”. Because I committed myself to embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, I introduce myself from that perspective of intersectionality: I am a woman, Arab, Muslim, Saudi, mother of two, physically abled, Arabic and English speaker, and heterosexual. My educational background is multidisciplinary: Masters of Health Administration (La Trobe, Australia), Master of Arts in Educational Studies specializing in Higher Education (University of British Columbia, Canada), BC Provincial Instructor Degree (Vancouver Community College).

I have always been part of a minority group (a Muslim, a wearing hijab woman, a parent-student, the youngest in the class, the only Muslim woman in the class, the least experienced in the class, the only Saudi in the class). I have always been the other; the different one.  My experience as the other was profound that I had lots of questions in my mind. As a result, I wrote my Master’s thesis questioning how does carrying a minoritized identity such as ‘Arab Muslim’ impact the experiences of students on international campuses, and what can higher education institutions do to ensure more inclusive environments for diverse students on campus?

Living for over a decade as the marginalized and minoritized has taught me to comprehend what does being ‘the other ‘ in organizations mean, how it can make people feel isolated and not belonged, learn the best practices for creating inclusion, and assist leaders create an inclusive environment at their organization. 

I help leaders elevate their organizational performance through creating  and embracing diversity and inclusion throughout B-Equitable framework and other analytics, integrate diversity and inclusion in the organizational plan, and implement them. On a personal level, I help you find your inner power, teach you the best ways to face bias, discrimination, harassment or any related issue, and make your voice heard.

I deeply care about creating inclusive environments where everyone can feel belonged, understood, and valued.

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